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About Hordecore


is a social raid guild on Feenix's Emerald Dream server. Our goal as a guild is to have the ultimate vanilla experience, progress through content, and have a good time while doing it! We are not a hardcore raiding guild but we strive to be a hordecore raiding guild.

ZG 10/10
MC/Ony 11/11
BWL 8/8
AQ 20 6/6
AQ 40 ?/9

Raid Invite Times
AQ20/ZG Monday 02:30 ST/20:30 EST
AQ20/ZG Wednesday 02:30 ST/20:30 EST
ZG Friday 18:30 ST/12:30 EST
MC/Ony Saturday 18:30 ST/12:30 EST
BWL Sunday 18:30ST/12:30 EST

Raid starts 30 min later.


Why you should apply:

 You enjoy having fun while playing in a casual and friendly guild.
You enjoy the thrill of downing new bosses as a guild without being carried by your guild.
You enjoy the trife life

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lok'tar ogar
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